GeekSoc Meeting Update & Info! 12/02/15

Hello everyone,

Firstly I am really sorry about the lack of communication that we have had during the first couple of weeks of term. Hopefully we will get back into the groove :)

We have a Meeting tomorrow (12th) at 6pm on Level 5 where we will be messing around with some Intel Development Boards that we have been meaning to get people interested in since we got them (start of last semester), so please come with ideas of what to do with them.

We have also just received a delivery of 10 workstation grade desktops that we want to put to work ASAP, unfortunately we need to get these PAT tested before we are allowed to plug them in (Union H&S). The guy who can PAT test them is currently on holiday but any ideas on what to run on them would be greatly appreciated so we can plan further meets regarding them.

See you then,


Welcome to GeekSoc & 2015! | First Meet Info!

Hey there everyone!

Firstly, Happy new year!

Quick announcement for the start of this year, We will be returning to the usual structure of meetings from this Thursday (22nd) onward. This thursday (6 til 10) on lvl 5 of the union, is going to be a bit of a mash up, There are some things we would love to do to the servers (Percussive maintenence as we like to call it) but we would also love to know what you have been getting up to over the holidays.

We would also like to invite you along to GAMES on Tuesday (20th), this is the recently formed Gaming section of Geeksoc who have been running on a trial basis for the last semester. This week it has been decided that it will be a Zombie Survival Night (Games such as Killing floor, L4D2, How to survive and Warcraft3). Do come along to have some fun.

Both nights are BYOG (Bring your own gear).

See you all soon,

Geeksoc Committee

Last Meeting of 2014!

Afternoon all!

Its the last meetup of the year! As such, drink, gaming and messing around are the order of the day.^_^

Merry Christmas (or other festive holidays) and have a great new year!

For tonight though, see you 6pm, level 5! As always, BYOG!

StrathHack Reminder!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good time at tonight’s meet! Sorry I couldn’t be there for it!

Remember that if you’re coming to StrathHack this weekend you’ll need to reserve a space in advance on our Eventbrite page here.

Free food and drink are provided and there’s prizes up for grabs too over the Saturday & Sunday (This weekend!). Doors open at 10am Saturday and we’re running through the night till Sunday afternoon at 5pm when everything wraps up.

Come along and join the fun! Hope to see you there!

Craig Morrison
Communications Officer
Ministry of Silly Walks

Tonight’s Meet-up and StrathHack

Hey all,

Thanks to those who attended the DefCon Capture the Flag event on the 25th. It went great and we all learned lots! Hopefully we’ll be doing some more things like this in future (though with network access next time and a bit more guidance for newer people!).

Thanks also to those who attended the Gaming meet-up on Tuesday as part of our trial run of more gaming events within the society. If you need to unwind, head along to the next one on Tuesday @ 7pm.

This week we’re preparing for StrathHack and Rob needs help getting sorted. If you fancy getting your hands dirty setting up Network Relays we’d appreciate it! (As always we’ll have our LAN running too.)

If you’d like to attend StrathHack and haven’t already done so, sign up here. Space is strictly limited so grab a spot while they’re still going!

See you guys at 6pm, Level 5. As always, BYOG!

Craig Morrison
Communications Officer
Halo Cannon Fodder

(P.S There’s some Demos/Open Source games on my page that may be of use if you fancy getting some LAN gaming going, more will be added soon!)