Meeting Tomorrow!

Evening all!

Tomorrow, as you’ve probably guessed by now is meet day, and there’s still plenty going on to keep you interested!

It’s server night with Rob. He’s going to be taking a team to work with Gemini 1 and 2. If you’re curious about the workings of our systems or interested in networking and servers it’s definitely worth coming to see.

In tutorial news, instead of covering new things, this week we’ll do a bit of one-to-one recapping of last week for anyone who’d like to go over anything again or ask questions.

And as always, the LAN will be available for all your Windows Update gaming needs! Everyone’s welcome to continue mocking my pitiful TF2 attempts!

See you all there; Level 5, Tomorrow @ 6PM! BYOG!


GeekSoc at GUTS!

GeekSoc is attending the Glasgow University Tech Society Hackathon!

The society has put forward 7 members in two teams to tackle the challenges put forward by GUTS and their sponsors this weekend over at Glasgow University. Tackling the grueling prospect of coding straight from Friday evening to Sunday morning they are hoping to produce answers to the technical challenges on offer by a variety of sources.

The GUTS Hackathon, the 2nd in their annual hackathon series and part of the first year of Major League Hacking in the UK, is the first outing for GS members of 2014.

The challenges taken on by the two teams were from KANA and SAS. The KANA challenge asked the team to create a simulator that helped visualize and deal with the management of a customer service center, while the SAS challenge asked the team to analyze information on terrorism, contextualize it in context of web content, and visualize it in some way.


Thanks for Coming! – Oct 9th

Tonight’s event was a blast! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. The tutorials (mostly) went by without a hitch, and everyone did great keeping up with the pace.

We’re planning to run some more of these tutorials in the coming months, though we’d like to hear what you guys would like to learn about. Is there anything you would want us to cover at one of the evenings? Give us your opinions on IRC/Twitter/Facebook or email us at with your suggestions.

To all whom were looking into the IRC servers and ways to get online, you can find out about it on . Those wanting to manage their accounts can do so at, and anyone wanting to try out their new email addresses can do so at . (Since you’re on the main-site these links are all in the menu bar above)

Rob mentioned a pack of free software that GitHub are offering to all students. If you’re interested, you can find the sign up page here. It’s free so there’s nothing to stop you nabbing it all, get it while it’s there!

Next week, we’ll be allowing your brains to rest and having a more relaxing session, but we’ll give you more info later in the week.

Until then!

Craig Morrison

P.S: To all those participating in the GUTS Hackathon over this weekend; Good luck, and have a great time!

Tomorrow’s Meet, Oct 8

Hey there everyone!

We’ve got a lot planned for your enjoyment tomorrow, so let’s get on with it.


We’ve got several tutorials lined up for you which will cover some ground that may be both interesting, and possible crucial depending on your interests.

  • The basics of Linux and the command line – We’ll introduce the basics of how to navigate the strange and powerful world of the command prompt on Linux
  • The GeekSoc Services – A run through on everything we’re running, how it works, and how you can use it
  • Collaborative tools – A run through tools that you can use to collaborate in a variety of ways with other people, especially useful for project work. Includes Git and its ilk

Everything Else

Gaming is intended as usual, BYOD. Not heard anything else ’bout alternative games yet, so the mainstays’ the only things I can recommend you come installed with at the moment, those being Unreal 2004, TF2, GoldenEye source. Did see some hot-seat Civ 5 gaming last week, so if people are interested, there are Civ players about.

If we run a movie (haven’t heard from president yet if a choice has been made) then it will occur after the tutorials, as we’ll be using the projector for them first.



2014 Freshers’ Fair!

Welcome old and new to the ’14-’15 season for GeekSoc!

We’ve got an ambitious new schedule coming up over the next couple of months, and things are a’changing with everything we do.

First though, check out and drop by to visit us today at our stall in The Barony, Students Union today. We’ll be talking to new and old students and hopefully getting your sponsorship as well. Then, check out the calendar for the upcoming meeting dates and other cool events around the city, and country.

Finally, keep an eye on your email that you registered with our mailing list, we’ve got a lot coming early this year, and that’s one of the best ways of staying informed and on top of things, in particular about our upcoming hackathon in December. If you haven’t joined the mailing list before, just click on ‘Join’ under the Members tab of our menu.