EGM Reminder & Team Fortress 2 Night

It’s EGM day! (Stay with me, there’s alcohol involved, honestly)

Tonight we need you all to come along and make sure you have your opinions voiced. We’ll vote on the future of our society and propose some major changes to the way we do things at GeekSoc. Please come along so that you can cast your vote and decide on our future!

After that, it’s Team Fortress 2 Night! Bring along a laptop and the game and compete against everyone. As an added bonus well be giving away alcoholic beverages as rewards during the event! First person to kill me (Craig) 5 times will win the drink of their choice. More rewards will materialise as the night progresses :D

Hope to see you all there! Remember to bring your laptop, TF2 if you can, and your opinion! We’re counting on you!

See you at six!

Craig | strangeplaice
Communications Officer
Chief of wonky TF2 deaths

[Edit] As a quick social experiment, could you possibly take a second to fill out this 2 question survey on where you found out about the EGM? Thanks!

[Important]: EGM 13th November 2014

Hello everyone!

Next week we will be holding an EGM during our usual meeting slot! If you can spare the time to attend it would be greatly appreciated so that your views on the future of the society can be heard.

During the EGM we will be proposing major changes to the structure of the society as well as a complete rewrite of the constitution. The proposed changes can be viewed here:

Thanks to all of you that attended this week! See you next time!

Craig M
Communications Officer

Meeting on 6th November

Hey all! We’re back tonight in Level 5 of the Union at 6pm tonight. Come along and game, code or chat with us.

Tonight will be pretty free-form as we’re planning some bigger activities for the coming weeks and want to get your opinions on them. Chat with Rob and me to find out more and have your say.

Remember that we’ve got a hackathon coming up on the 6th and 7th of December, so remember to get the time booked off work to come along and join in the fun!

Hope to see you all tonight! (Remember! BYOG)


Craig Morrison
-Communications Officer

Meeting Tomorrow!

Evening all!

Tomorrow, as you’ve probably guessed by now is meet day, and there’s still plenty going on to keep you interested!

It’s server night with Rob. He’s going to be taking a team to work with Gemini 1 and 2. If you’re curious about the workings of our systems or interested in networking and servers it’s definitely worth coming to see.

In tutorial news, instead of covering new things, this week we’ll do a bit of one-to-one recapping of last week for anyone who’d like to go over anything again or ask questions.

And as always, the LAN will be available for all your Windows Update gaming needs! Everyone’s welcome to continue mocking my pitiful TF2 attempts!

See you all there; Level 5, Tomorrow @ 6PM! BYOG!


GeekSoc at GUTS!

GeekSoc is attending the Glasgow University Tech Society Hackathon!

The society has put forward 7 members in two teams to tackle the challenges put forward by GUTS and their sponsors this weekend over at Glasgow University. Tackling the grueling prospect of coding straight from Friday evening to Sunday morning they are hoping to produce answers to the technical challenges on offer by a variety of sources.

The GUTS Hackathon, the 2nd in their annual hackathon series and part of the first year of Major League Hacking in the UK, is the first outing for GS members of 2014.

The challenges taken on by the two teams were from KANA and SAS. The KANA challenge asked the team to create a simulator that helped visualize and deal with the management of a customer service center, while the SAS challenge asked the team to analyze information on terrorism, contextualize it in context of web content, and visualize it in some way.